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Baxir offers bidirectional, precise and repeatable ultrasonic transit-time flowmeters. They measure flows of homogeneous liquids such as water (all kinds), refrigerant fluids, alcohols, chemicals, drinking beverages. They use a new ultrasonic signal processing providing them with high measurement reliability and an excellent ability to adapt to degraded signals. This makes configuration easier for users.


Débitmètre B9W Baxir

Our B9W transmitter allows the measurement of liquid flows in pipes up to 1 500 mm in diameter with a pair of ultrasonic sensors. It is intended for permanent installations, but can also be used as a portable flowmeter thanks to its battery option which is fixed on the side and gives it an autonomy of up to 36 hours of continuous recording.

It has many features and options, such as heat quantity for closed loop heating and cooling systems, different types of transducers and cables, AC and DC power supplies, temperature inputs, relay and analog outputs, communication protocols through RS485 and USB, convenient and safe wiring compartments.

It is configured with our Baxir Series B PC software which is free and royalty-free. It complies with European standards and is made in France, including the electronics. All the characteristics are detailed in its data sheet.


Capteurs ultrasons Baxir

We offer two models of ultrasonic sensors for measuring liquid flow rates. Sensors with a frequency of 2 MHz are suitable for small pipes and those with 1 MHz for pipes with a diameter of up to 1 500 mm. These probes are impedance matched with the electronics of the B9W transmitter to obtain the best possible performances.

The probes are sold with two types of cables. The first one is flexible and thin, ideal for portable applications with a maximum length of 10 meters per probe. The second is more robust and suitable for fixed installations with a maximum length of 100 meters per probe.

Supports Baxir

Each sensor model has a suitable support that allows easy and quick installation on the pipes. The supports are fixed with a stainless steel collar for fixed stations or with a bungee cord system for portable applications. We supply ultrasonic couplants to be applied under the transducers, suitable for fixed and portable applications.


Services Baxir

In addition to our products, we offer a wide range of engineering services. We do on site installations and complete integrations for customers requiring a turnkey solution. Integration covers aspects such as defining, supplying and setting up electrical cabinets, power supplies, protections for transducers and cables for outdoor installation with rough weather conditions, etc.

We provide training solutions for your teams and expertise services as well, on and off site. Finally, we have an after-sales service for the calibration, maintenance and reparation of your equipments.


Location Baxir

Baxir has a fleet of rental flowmeters for customers who have occasional flow measurement needs. We rent complete kits, with or without engineering support, on a daily basis. Flowmeters can function up to 36 hours on battery and can be connected to a power supply source if the measurements are longer than that. Rental kits can be directly sent on site or picked up from our sales office.