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Banc d'essai Baxir

Baxir is a company founded by Guillaume Girardot, a French engineer with years of experience in flow measurement. Offices are located 25 km north of Paris in France.

Development started in 2019 with a first ultrasonic flowmeter for permanent installations. Prototyping and on site tests were conducted throughout 2020.

By the end of 2021, the B9W flowmeter electronics reached its third version, in accordance with a continual improvement process. Commercialisation as well as engineering services started, with in particular the set up of an international representative network.

Research & Development

Contrôle qualité Baxir

Baxir has its own engineering department focusing only on ultrasonic flowmeters.

Among the engineers, there is an electronics one specialized in analog signal treatment for the heart of our flowmeters that is to say the ultrasound emission and reception. Others have long experiences in flow measurement or software development.

We use the most recent electronic components and thanks to a thorough work on both the electronics and embedded software, we can offer much more competitive products compared to the European market equivalents, without any compromise on the quality and performances.

Our products have been developed to be easy to use. This means that even on a difficult application, the signal treatment is automatic and does not require the configuration of many complicated parameters.

Finally, we have developed our products to be durable: no planned obsolescence and consequent safety margins during the mechanical and hardware development to ensure the best possible reliability even after many years of service.


Contrôle qualité Baxir

Baxir produces all its instruments in France.

Our factory is equipped with an internally developed test bench and many dedicated tools such as high precision scales and a vacuum box for the resin, positioning tools to place ceramic plates on their prisms, etc. We thus ensure an excellent reproducibility.

All of our products are tested and for each of them, a report is provided to the customer. We keep in stock an important quantity of devices and spare parts to ensure short delivery times.