Baxir Ultrasonic flowmeters

French expert of ultrasonic transit-time flowmeters

Baxir is a technology company specializing in measuring instruments for industrial processes. We develop and manufacture all our products in France. We ensure the marketing and offer all the associated services: calibration, on site installation and integration, training, maintenance, rental and after-sales service.

Baxir develops its own electronic boards, signal processing and algorithms in order to offer you high-performance, reliable and easy-to-use ultrasonic transit-time flowmeters.

The advantages of our ultrasonic flowmeters


Our flowmeters are non-intrusive: the transducers can be attached to the pipe at any time without the need to interrupt the process in progress. Designed by field engineers, our brackets are quick and easy to install with a quarter-turn locking system. The PC software allows you to configure the device in just a few clicks.


We use state-of-the-art electronic components that allow transit-time calculations with an accuracy in the order of a hundred picoseconds. Our analog signal processing uses two detection methods simultaneously to obtain a measurement that is both reliable and precise.


During development, we take substantial margins on the capabilities of the components and materials we use in order to obtain a robust product that is designed to operate for many years. All our instruments are guaranteed for 3 years parts and labor.


Our products are more affordable than the European competition and without compromising on quality. This is made possible in particular by the development of recent electronics.